Join the Movement and let’s turn your local city or town into a Trail Town.
Join the Movement and let’s turn your local city or town into a Trail Town.
2 Lets make your local trails and routes attractive to tourists
Let’s make your local trails & routes attractive for tourism.
3 Lets help create a healthier local community
Let’s help develop and maintain your local trails & routes
4 Lets help support local clubs organizations and businesses
Let’s create healthier local communities
5 Lets help develop and support your local trail or route network (2)
Let’s support your local clubs, organizations, and businesses
6 Lets help develop skills and create jobs
Let’s help develop skills and create jobs
7 Lets help create opportunities for the youth and others to enjoy nature
Let’s create opportunities for the youth and for people to enjoy nature
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Case Study

George Trails - The first Trail Town

George Trails is a prime example of how local trails can be packaged, developed and promoted to become a sustainable tourist attraction to the benefit of the local community.

From nothing to a project to a trail-tourism destination that has a strong following and enjoys financial support from business and local government, George Trails is a success story. So can your town be. Join our My Trail Town movement and lets help turn your local Trails to Tourism through our proven model.

Learn more about George Trails at

“George Trails adds incredible value to our basket of tourism offerings and equips visitors that enjoy the outdoors, with excellent information and opportunities to access our trails. We can see the positive economic impact this has on our town and we are proud to be the first Trail Town in this network. I believe that the My Trail Town trail-tourism initiative will have a positive impact on cities and towns across the globe, building trail communities that will visit each other’s unique offerings and grow visitors to George from our traditional as well as new and emerging markets”
Joan Shaw
George Tourism Manager

Become a Trail Town

Our team provides full support through our tried and tested model to help turn your city/town into an official Green Sport – Trail Town with many benefits. All existing trail networks or town trails can also easily become part of our network and we will work with you to further benefit your trails.

Whether you are an individual, part of a group, government / tourism entity, or organization, we can assist. Learn more by clicking below.