Case Study - George Trails

George Trails is located in the City of George in the Garden Route (South-Western Cape) of South Africa.

It was founded in 2015 by Werner Rall (also the founder of the Green Sport Foundation and My Trail Town) George is the original ‘My Trail Town‘ where the model was researched and thoroughly tested before being rolled out to the rest of South Africa and the World.

With the help of the local community, clubs and the George municipality, we were able to turn George Trails into the largest and most diverse mountain biking, trail running and hiking route network in South Africa with more than 2300kms of routes.

We can also help your city/town become a successful Trail Town.

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“George Trails adds incredible value to our basket of tourism offerings and equips visitors that enjoy the outdoors, with excellent information and opportunities to access our trails. We can see the positive economic impact this has on our town and we are proud to be the first Trail Town in this network. I believe that the My Trail Town trail-tourism initiative will have a positive impact on cities and towns across the globe, building trail communities that will visit each other’s unique offerings and grow visitors to George from our traditional as well as new and emerging markets”
Joan Shaw, George Tourism Manager
My Trail Town - George