My Trail Town is a tourism initiative by the Green Sport Foundation helping locals and government/tourism entities, turn their local Trails to Tourism by working with us to establish and promote their Trail Town. For the tourist/visitor it provides quality information for free, about the trails/routes of the Trail Town they visit, and easy navigation via our GPX files to keep you safe and on track. We will also show them cool things to do and where to stay, as they contribute to the local economy in the process.

It is no secret that many travelers choose their holiday destinations based on things to do around a specific city or town. This is especially true for active people such as runners and cyclists that might be training for a race/event. These events often have specific requirements due to their technicality and distance. Our research shows that many people will choose a destination not only based on their trail/route offerings but also on the quality of the information provided to access these routes because it impacts their preparation significantly. They are also looking for things to do for them and their family once there.

Through the use of technology we have developed a successful model to help cities and towns develop, map, package and market their local trails as sustainable tourism products through our network. Trail Towns generate income through tourism that advances the local economy, creates jobs and leads to a healthier society

George (George Trails), in the Garden Route region of South Africa was used as the pilot project for the initiative and following extensive research and modeling the My Trail Town initiative will be expanded into the rest of South Africa and the World in 2022.

We are always looking for people that are passionate about their local city/town to join the movement. Our aim is to build a global community of Trail Towns to the benefit of locals and visitors alike. Our team provides full support on how to set up and run a successful trail town. This includes website development, social media, fundraising, etc. You provide the info and together we make the magic happens.

For Trail Towns, our model will:

  • Help you map, package and promote your local mountain biking, trail running, hiking and paddling routes for locals and visitors to enjoy.
  • Help create a sustainable tourism product that will attract tourists, that will in turn lead to skills development, job creation and    growing the local economy. 
  • Help create a balanced lifestyle that leads to a healthier community.
  • Assist with the expansion and maintenance of your local trail/route network by supporting the local community, clubs and    organizations.
  • Help create safer outdoor recreational environments for people to enjoy.
  • Promote the responsible use of natural areas and conservation.
  • Make you part of a national and international movement with many benefits.